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The Corporation of Trinity House was founded in 1514 primarily to serve the mariner.

Today, Trinity House is the General Lighthouse Authority for England, Wales, the Channel Islands and Gibraltar. It is also the largest endowed maritime charity in the United Kingdom, which provides major grants to maritime organizations engaged in welfare provision, education and training and the promotion of safety at sea.

It is through this charity that the Trinity House Merchant Navy Scholarship Scheme is funded.

General Information

A career at sea in the Merchant Navy is one of the most satisfying and worthwhile occupations it is possible to have. From the start, you will learn to stand on your own two feet, experience early responsibility, work with the latest technology, meet like minded people from different nationalities, see the world and be well paid for doing so.

There are excellent career opportunities for young people of the right type who can meet the minimum academic requirements and have a practical and enthusiastic approach to life.


Deck Officers are responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and care of cargo whilst at sea and, when in port, for the safe and efficient loading and discharge of cargo. Deck Officers also supervise the crew when occupied on general maintenance work, cargo hold and tank preparation and in mooring or anchoring operations. Senior Deck Officers undertake most of the ship's legal and commercial business.


Engineer Officers are responsible for the running and maintenance of the ship's engine room and its ever more complex equipment; main engine, boilers, pumps, fuel systems, electrical generating and distribution equipment, refrigeration and air conditioning plant, lifts, cranes. in fact all the mechanical and electrical equipment throughout the ship.

Modern ships have a very high degree of electronic control and automation. Often they are designed so that the engine room operates without the need for continuous manning but, as an Engineer Officer, you must be prepared to turn out at a moments notice, day or night, should the need arise.


This cadetship is designed for those interested in engineering but with a strong bias towards electrical and electronic systems. Electro-Technical Officers are responsible to the Chief Engineer for the efficient performance and maintenance of all the ships electrical and electronic systems. These include items such as GMDSS (global maritime distress safety system) radio equipment, navigation equipment such as radar, echo sounders and gyro compasses, fire alarm systems, power generation and distribution systems and all other electronic and electrical systems onboard.

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